Smart Farming

Farming in India has always been a struggle, often failing to ensure farmers' survival and subsistence. Felicity strives for a positive disruption to this scenario and supports small farms to become smart businesses. Felicity provides a platform which complements farmers by offering them technology, knowledge, alternate approaches, credit, market intelligence and such other value creating inputs. We create roadmaps and handhold small farmers to become smart entrepreneurs

Felicity helps in

  • With Felicity you can achieve the full power of the Holistic Farming Approach for your land, your profits, and your life
  • Our holistic farming management framework begins with the quality of life that you desire. It provides the insights and strategies to help you choose from many options available, as you seek to manage the complexity inherent in living, biological systems, including human systems
  • In the coming years, technology will enable farmers to make smart decisions about new investments. That’s where agri-tech developments will start to shine
  • We help you build and maintain organic forests, soil-free farms, dairy farms and community gardens that help to maintain a healthy ecosystem

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